Coping with Feelings

“Feelings are just visitors, let them come and go.”


We are always experiencing feelings. Sometimes feelings can be overwhelming and difficult to manage. When this is the case, try to remind yourself of the following tips:

Feeling are not facts

Feelings come and go when we let them

Feelings are not a label 

Feelings are meant to be felt

Feeling often have something to teach us

Feeling hold information

Feelings are not permanent

Emotions such as fear, sadness, and anger are a basic part of life and sometimes we struggle with how to deal with them effectively. It can be tempting to act on what we are feeling, but that often doesn’t fix the situation that caused the emotions. It is often most helpful to practice pausing. Bring your attention to your breath. Check-in with your body to learn more about why you might be feeling a certain way and notice how your body feels. Do you feel tense or anxious? Take a moment to bring your awareness to your surroundings and notice the environment around you. Recall some of the tips described above and remind yourself of the bigger picture.

Dr. Thomas Lindquist, Psy.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

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Licensed Clinical Psychologist

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