Always Arriving: Embracing Each Moment in Times of Transition

Transitions are often filled with mixed emotions. Sometimes transitions are by choice, but many times we are not given a choice. People handle transitions and change in all kinds of ways.

Depending on the nature of the transition, you may feel anxious and experience self-doubt or feel angry and confused. In some cases, you may feel excited and look to celebrate the transition. In other cases, you may feel slightly numb or disconnected as you approach a transition and find yourself doing all kinds of things to distract yourself from dealing with the change that is about to occur. 

The stress we can experience during a time of transition is often linked to a flood of emotions and a strong underlying current of resistance. Most of us resist transitions and change because they involve moving into unfamiliar territory with unpredictable emotions. Change can be so difficult that many people perpetuate unhealthy behaviors or relationships because doing something differently is experienced (consciously or unconsciously) as more difficult than changing the status quo. 

One of the more helpful things you can do during a transition is to remain open to your feelings and allow yourself to experience whatever comes up for you.

Mindfulness is extremely beneficial during times of transition. Curiosity in particular can be helpful as it encourages us to stay open to the feelings, thoughts, and sensations that arise in any given moment and allow our understanding to unfold. Fear and uncertainty are difficult, but they can become more manageable as we notice the subtleties of our experience and open ourselves to the complexity that resides beyond the initial layer of anxiety and fear.  

In reality, we are always arriving. It might seem radical at first, but we are always in a state of transition and with each breath we transition to the next moment. If we take a step back and approach our lives as an ongoing experience of emergence, we might be less intimidated by change. Likewise, if we consider all of our emotions as reminders that we are truly alive, we might experience greater freedom and less of a need to fight against fear and uncertainty. With an attitude of acceptance and curiosity we can practice moving forward moment-by-moment.  From this moment to the next.  

Dr. Thomas Lindquist, Psy.D.

Licensed Psychologist

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Licensed Clinical Psychologist

2 thoughts on “Always Arriving: Embracing Each Moment in Times of Transition

  1. Throughout my “transition” the last couple weeks, I need to keep reminding myself that change also takes time. Whatever it is your working on in life, whether it be a project, drawing,learning an instrument, how to read, ect takes time. As a parent, I see it through my kids on a daily basis. For example, my daughter gets upset when she has trouble writing some of her letters, or learning new gymnastics moves.
    Having a strong support system is key to being successful with change as well. It has not been easy to stay in track with this progress but Tom, I’m so happy with the daily results. I have been using your blogs as my main tool, for daily reflection, and it’s doing so much good for not only me but my whole family, and for that I am grateful.


    1. Thank you Jim! It means a lot to me that my blog has been so helpful to you and your family! I completely agree – a strong support system is very important. I appreciate your feedback and encouragement!


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