Present Moment Attitudes

Many of us can easily get lost thinking about the past or worrying about the future. Yet, being present minded or mindful of the “here and now” is important for reducing stress and staying healthy. Moreover, strengthening present-moment awareness helps to reduce anxiety and rumination, while allowing space for a deeper connection to our lived experience.

Present-moment attitudes have the potential to color and shape our everyday experience in ways that promote our overall resilience. We can practice present-moment attitudes as we connect to the present and experience more intention in our daily life.  

Present-Moment Attitudes

Beginner’s mind involves seeing from a fresh perspective; as if you were seeing or experiencing something for the first time.  

Kindness is an attitude and quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.

Nonjudgment means experiencing the present moment without the lens of evaluation.

Compassion is the attitude and quality of meeting others and yourself with kindness.  

Non-striving is the quality of being willing to meet any experience as it is, without trying to change it.

Joy is the attitude and experience of taking pleasure that awakens more fully as we connect more deeply to our awareness in the present-moment. 

Self-reliance is an important quality for developing inner confidence. With practice, we can learn to trust ourselves and our capacity to cope with whatever arises. 

Equanimity is an attitude that fosters wisdom and provides a broader perspective so that we can see things more clearly and feel greater confidence and reassurance.  

Letting go or letting be is a quality that gives space to whatever we encounter in the moment.

Cultivating present-moment attitudes is a useful way to practice mindfulness and shift towards greater intention and engagement. As we develop a greater consciousness of the present, we may find it easier to stay grounded, rather than swept up in the ups and downs of daily living. We may also begin to see the bigger picture of our lives more clearly. Challenges may become less stressful and setbacks less devastating. As we feel more grounded through present-moment attitudes, we may feel less daunted and more enlivened by whatever arises around us.  

Dr. Thomas Lindquist, Psy.D.

Licensed Psychologist

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