Coping with Loneliness

Loneliness is a common human experience and a powerful reminder of our need for connection to others. However, it can sometimes lead to feeling empty and unwanted. It is important to notice how we appraise or interpret these feelings and the meaning we assign to feeling lonely. It is not uncommon to experience critical thoughts,Continue reading “Coping with Loneliness”

Mindfulness Myths

Mindfulness is everywhere! We see references to mindfulness in all types of magazines and books, television, and even in the names of businesses. To be sure, mindfulness can be extremely helpful and research regarding the positive role of mindfulness for improving wellbeing is impressive. Nevertheless, mindfulness is not always well understood and a number ofContinue reading “Mindfulness Myths”

Emotional Report Card

What if we were given emotional report cards as children? This would imply many things, including an education grounded in emotional intelligence. As a society we strive to teach around cognitive and intellectual ability. Likewise, the intelligence quotient or IQ is based largely on these abilities. Nevertheless, emotional intelligence is highly correlated with success andContinue reading “Emotional Report Card”

Do the Opposite & Act “as if”

The alarm rings again and it’s time to face the day. You may feel tired when you think of handling daily challenges, sad about a range of difficulties in your life, or discouraged by recent setbacks. It is reasonable that you would experience a strong desire to hit snooze and avoid getting out of bed.Continue reading “Do the Opposite & Act “as if””

Social Media as an Invitation to Mindfulness

Social media has become fairly integrated into most of our lives. In particular, Facebook seems to be used most commonly. Despite the clear benefits for connection, advocacy and education, social media use presents us with numerous challenges. One notable example is the potential to reinforce and perpetuate unrealistic perceptions, which can have an enormously negative impactContinue reading “Social Media as an Invitation to Mindfulness”