Existentialism & Daily Living

Existentialism suggests that we have both the freedom and responsibility to make our own choices by looking within ourselves. Accordingly, we are tasked with finding meaning, determining our values, and making decisions that shape our lives. Existential psychotherapy builds on these views by approaching therapy with an emphasis on self-determination and our individual search forContinue reading “Existentialism & Daily Living”

Loving Relationships

Research supports a range of benefits associated with supportive and loving relationships. Most notably, people involved in both healthy romantic and non-romantic relationships typically live longer. They also have lower risk of heart attack, improved immune functioning, and reduced feelings of isolation and depression. Furthermore, healthy loving relationships can provide a source of support and reliability, whichContinue reading “Loving Relationships”

Reducing Stress through Body Awareness

When our brain perceives our circumstances as stressful, our body often reacts by becoming tense. Body awareness helps us recognize these physical sensations that indicate we are experiencing stress. Once we recognize and acknowledge these physical experiences, we can practice stress reduction exercises such as deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, body scanning or other basicContinue reading “Reducing Stress through Body Awareness”

The Wisdom of Uncertainty

Uncertainty is a difficult thing for many of us. Nevertheless, there can be wisdom in uncertainty if we allow ourselves to accept that many things are out of our control. Likewise, if we are able to work toward greater acceptance of uncertainty, we might find greater possibilities as we take on new challenges.   Beginner’s mindContinue reading “The Wisdom of Uncertainty”

Awareness as the Antidote to Rumination

If you find yourself obsessing over past events, stewing in resentments, replaying conversations over and over again, and beating yourself up for minor setbacks, you are likely struggling with rumination.  Rumination is the mental act of repetitively reviewing a thought or a specific problem without coming to any resolution. It can also be thought ofContinue reading “Awareness as the Antidote to Rumination”


Savoring is a concept related to mindfulness, but it often gets much less attention. Nevertheless, it can be practiced and incorporated into your daily experience to promote greater life satisfaction and happiness.     My former undergraduate advisor, Fred Bryant Ph.D., a social psychologist at Loyola University Chicago, is considered the father of research on savoring. HeContinue reading “Savoring”