From Prediction into Awareness

“When we are capable of stopping, we begin to see, and if we can see, we understand. – Thich Nhat Hanh The unknown is often a bit anxiety provoking. Generally, our natural inclination is to attempt to predict the future. Likewise, our brain is hardwired to draw upon previous experience when making predictions as itContinue reading “From Prediction into Awareness”


It is impossible to navigate life and remain free from disappointment. Researchers describe disappointment as a form of sadness or a feeling of loss. It is often experienced as an uncomfortable and sometimes painful space between our expectations and reality.   Our experiences of disappointment provide valuable information about ourselves, other people, and our values. AfterContinue reading “Disappointment”

Existentialism in Daily Life

Existentialism suggests that we have both the freedom and responsibility to make our own choices by looking within ourselves. Accordingly, we are tasked with finding meaning, determining our values, and making decisions that shape our lives. Existential psychotherapy builds on these views by approaching therapy with an emphasis on self-determination and our individual search forContinue reading “Existentialism in Daily Life”

Our Inner Landscape

The mind is complex. It has far reaching abilities to think, plan, organize, create, discern, metalize, understand, analyze and hold great complexity. Our mind generates stories that can protect us by registering threats and danger by categorizing and developing schemas or scripts to simplify the complex world around us. Our minds also give us richnessContinue reading “Our Inner Landscape”

Humility & Flexibility

Humility is defined as a modest view of one’s own importance. In practice it involves the acceptance that we are not always right and don’t always know, without either concern impacting our sense of self-worth.  Flexibility is defined as the quality of bending easily without breaking. In practice it is the ability to accept new pointsContinue reading “Humility & Flexibility”