Shifting into Gratitude

A number of things can be helpful when dealing with fears or tolerating the uncertainty that fuels anxiety. We know that attention plays a significant role in perpetuating anxiety and fear. The more we pay attention to fear by allowing ourselves to focus on irrational thoughts, the more anxious we feel and the more evidenceContinue reading “Shifting into Gratitude”

Compassion Directed Inward

Self-compassion refers to having an accepting and caring orientation toward oneself. In other words, it is compassion directed inward. Research suggests that self-compassion can have a positive impact on our ability to cope and may also promote prosocial behaviors. Where do you stand when it comes to self-compassion? How can self-compassion be practiced so thatContinue reading “Compassion Directed Inward”

Resistance and Suffering: Stepping Back from Motivational Pressures

I found myself struggling to write a blog this week. There are many topics I could select, but nothing seemed to fit as I reflected on my experience and the experiences of those around me. A few weeks ago I wrote a blog on motivation. Although, I hope these tips were relevant and helpful toContinue reading “Resistance and Suffering: Stepping Back from Motivational Pressures”

Relationships During Quarantine

We play this fun game during quarantine, it’s called “Why Are You Doing It That Way?” and there are no winners.   Relationships can be hard in any circumstance, but the current quarantine can make relationships with our loved ones more challenging. Most of us have acknowledged the dramatic change in our daily routine, but weContinue reading “Relationships During Quarantine”

The Mindful Reframe: A Basic Practice

Have you ever found yourself looking for a new picture frame? Perhaps you are giving a picture to a loved one or framing an art print. There are many options you can choose from and each can have a subtle, but definite impact on the image or artwork. We might take a significant amount ofContinue reading “The Mindful Reframe: A Basic Practice”

Finding Your Wings at Home: Tips for Motivation

Motivation has been defined as the process by which activities are started, directed, and sustained to meet needs and accomplish various tasks or goals. The study of motivation is nuanced and complex, but several key ideas are helpful for a basic understanding. It is important to recognize that motivation is both conscious (explicit) and unconsciousContinue reading “Finding Your Wings at Home: Tips for Motivation”

Coping and Mental Health during the Pandemic: Acceptance & Self-Compassion

March 27, 2020 Recognizing and acknowledging the impact of the pandemic on our psychological self is essential to coping with stress and maintaining calm in our relationships. Coping with the ongoing stress and uncertainty of today can lead to a number of symptoms that can impact our daily functioning and relationships. It is important to recognize and acknowledge suchContinue reading “Coping and Mental Health during the Pandemic: Acceptance & Self-Compassion”