Do the Opposite & Act “as if”

The alarm rings again and it’s time to face the day. You may feel tired when you think of handling daily challenges, sad about a range of difficulties in your life, or discouraged by recent setbacks. It is reasonable that you would experience a strong desire to hit snooze and avoid getting out of bed.Continue reading “Do the Opposite & Act “as if””

Social Media as an Invitation to Mindfulness

Social media has become fairly integrated into most of our lives. In particular, Facebook seems to be used most commonly. Despite the clear benefits for connection, advocacy and education, social media use presents us with numerous challenges. One notable example is the potential to reinforce and perpetuate unrealistic perceptions, which can have an enormously negative impactContinue reading “Social Media as an Invitation to Mindfulness”

Accumulating Positive Emotion

People sometimes have the impression that the primary goal of therapy is to eliminate negative emotions or distress. Although there is often a focus on symptom reduction early in therapy, we generally have much broader goals. Likewise, people sometimes navigate daily life in an effort to minimize discomfort or distress. This is fairly reasonable asContinue reading “Accumulating Positive Emotion”

Using Mindfulness to Promote Self-Awareness Around Race

Mindfulness can be used to increase awareness of subtle insults or assaults that dismiss or degrade based on race or other identities, or what are called microaggressions as well as the role of implicit bias or unconscious prejudice.   Mindfulness is the act of maintaining moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment,Continue reading “Using Mindfulness to Promote Self-Awareness Around Race”

Poetry & Self-Expression

Poetry is many things. I often think of it as an examination of the human condition as we put our experiences into words that attempt to capture something or express something important about life. I have always been drawn to both reading and writing poetry. It provides is an excellent avenue for self-growth, self-care, and self-reflection.  Continue reading “Poetry & Self-Expression”