Resilience: Four Key Strategies

Psychological resilience refers to an ability to withstand or more readily ‘bounce back’ from stress and grow from challenges. Other words used to describe psychological resilience include ‘mental toughness’ and ‘hardiness.’ The great news is that resilience can be developed and strengthened through deliberate practice. Below are four of the most effective strategies for promotingContinue reading “Resilience: Four Key Strategies”

Moment-to-Moment Contact

Buddhist psychology looks closely at the nature of consciousness experience and interdependence through teachings on what is referred to as dependent arising. Within this teaching we find a progression of several concepts including contact, feeling, craving, and grasping. Breaking down our experience into these four components can be a useful exercise to help us feel moreContinue reading “Moment-to-Moment Contact”

The Untrained Elephant

Our mind often wanders as we attempt to create a narrative of our lives, make meaning of our experiences, or find solutions to various challenges we face. In fact, intentional mind wandering or allowing ourselves to think openly and freely can be useful for problem solving and creativity. However, mind wandering can become problematic when weContinue reading “The Untrained Elephant”


What are you grateful for this holiday season? Research in the area of gratitude has found a number of benefits. Foremost, gratitude is associated with high positive affect, low negative affect, and a high satisfaction with life. In terms of relationships, gratitude is associated with perceived quality of relationships and relates to one’s willingness to forgive others.Continue reading “Gratitude”

Friend Me

A 2019 study conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Evite surveyed 2,000 Americans and their social relationship dynamics over a five-year period and revealed that the average American struggled to make new friends. Notably, this was pre-pandemic times when we generally had much more regular social contact. Despite the challenges, most people know that socialContinue reading “Friend Me”

The Four Foundations of Mindfulness: Contemplation of Mental Objects

The Discourses on the Establishing of Mindfulness include four elements of practice focused on the body, feeling states, consciousness, and mental objects. Four Foundations of Mindfulness Contemplation of the Body – Being mindful of the breath in the body 2. Contemplation of Feeling – Being mindful of feelings arising 3. Contemplation of Consciousness – BeingContinue reading “The Four Foundations of Mindfulness: Contemplation of Mental Objects”