Accumulating Positive Emotion

People sometimes have the impression that the primary goal of therapy is to eliminate negative emotions or distress. Although there is often a focus on symptom reduction early in therapy, we generally have much broader goals. Likewise, people sometimes navigate daily life in an effort to minimize discomfort or distress. This is fairly reasonable asContinue reading “Accumulating Positive Emotion”

Using Mindfulness to Promote Self-Awareness Around Race

Mindfulness can be used to increase awareness of subtle insults or assaults that dismiss or degrade based on race or other identities, or what are called microaggressions as well as the role of implicit bias or unconscious prejudice.   Mindfulness is the act of maintaining moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment,Continue reading “Using Mindfulness to Promote Self-Awareness Around Race”

Everyday Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention to the present moment. The regular practice of mindfulness over a period of time can have a profound impact on our health and well-being.  Meditation is often thought of as the best means for practicing mindfulness. However, it can be very useful to think broadly about mindfulness practice,Continue reading “Everyday Mindfulness”

Poetry & Self-Expression

Poetry is many things. I often think of it as an examination of the human condition as we put our experiences into words that attempt to capture something or express something important about life. I have always been drawn to both reading and writing poetry. It provides is an excellent avenue for self-growth, self-care, and self-reflection.  Continue reading “Poetry & Self-Expression”

Always Arriving: Embracing Each Moment in Times of Transition

Transitions are often times of mixed emotions. Sometimes transitions are by choice, but many times we are not given a choice. People handle transitions and change in all kinds of ways. Depending on the nature of the transition, you may feel anxious and experience self-doubt or feel angry and confused. In some cases, you mayContinue reading “Always Arriving: Embracing Each Moment in Times of Transition”

Shifting into Gratitude

A number of things can be helpful when dealing with fears or tolerating the uncertainty that fuels anxiety. We know that attention plays a significant role in perpetuating anxiety and fear. The more we pay attention to fear by allowing ourselves to focus on irrational thoughts, the more anxious we feel and the more evidenceContinue reading “Shifting into Gratitude”

Compassion Directed Inward

Self-compassion refers to having an accepting and caring orientation toward oneself. In other words, it is compassion directed inward. Research suggests that self-compassion can have a positive impact on our ability to cope and may also promote prosocial behaviors. Where do you stand when it comes to self-compassion? How can self-compassion be practiced so thatContinue reading “Compassion Directed Inward”

Resistance and Suffering: Stepping Back from Motivational Pressures

I found myself struggling to write a blog this week. There are many topics I could select, but nothing seemed to fit as I reflected on my experience and the experiences of those around me. A few weeks ago I wrote a blog on motivation. Although, I hope these tips were relevant and helpful toContinue reading “Resistance and Suffering: Stepping Back from Motivational Pressures”