Dr. Thomas Lindquist, Psy.D.

I have experience working with people facing a wide range of concerns.  I most frequently work with people around anxiety (generalized, social, panic, OCD) and depression or other mood disorders, relationship concerns, anger management, grief and loss, substance use concerns, identity development and adjustment. I also integrate mindful-based stress reduction practices into my work.  I have extensive experience and expertise with late adolescent and early adult development or emerging adulthood.

I am a PA Licensed Psychologist.  I received my B.A. in Studio Art &  B.S. in Psychology from Loyola University in Chicago, IL.  I hold a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and a M.A. in Counseling Psychology and Art Therapy from Adler University in Chicago.  I am currently a Staff Psychologist at Washington & Jefferson College and an Adjunct Professor in the Graduate Psychology Department at Chatham University.

Visit our private practice at www.lindquistpsych.com

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